Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!!

I happen to belong to a plethora of different RV'ing forums and chat groups, and one predominant question keeps popping up over and over.

What's the best RV?

Here is the magical answer, none of them, and all of them... Boy that helped eh?

Shopping for an RV, especially your first, can be one of the most daunting things a person can do. There are hundreds of brands and manufacturers, and each of them are doing something a little different from the other. And then there are the RV dealerships, and I'm sorry to say, most are filled with sales people that just want to sell you what they have sitting there, not what you actually need. (A post on Dealerships to come in the future)

So how does someone who knows nothing about RV's wade through the mire? That's a tough one. There is no one place where everyone who owns an RV are together online. Each manufacturer has a web page with their trailers, and many owners have created pages and forums for their specific brand. It is very tough.

We thought we knew exactly what we wanted when we bought our first RV. We came close, but missed the mark a little. Although our unit did fairly well for us, there were things missing that we decided over time we would have liked. Along comes the hail storm of 2020, giving us the opportunity for a do over.

So back to the original quandary, what is the best RV? For yourself, I couldn't give you an answer without a very long conversation and a ton of questions. Do you have any friends that are RV'ing that can help out? Have you gone to any RV shows and looked around?(don't ever buy at show time!!!) Here is a video from a dealership in Michigan where Josh goes into pretty good detail on how to help you chose your 2nd RV the first time. Does he have all the answers? No, but he does help you get thinking.

If you can, rent an RV in the style of unit you think you are interested in. Take a week vacay and see what you like and what you hate. It's much cheaper than getting into something that is just not going to make you happy. RV'ing can make so may great memories, but they can also stand for Ruined Vacation. Is the best RV out there? With some research on your part, there is.

Take care and Happy Camping!!


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