NSEW, Does it matter?

The most daunting part about getting into any RV is the hundreds of floor plans and manufacturers out there. I'll be doing a group of posts giving you things to think about when selecting a floor plan.

RV Beds. Besides being the back breaking wafer of death, they come in many sizes and configurations. The way a bed is laid out and its position in a trailer should be the very first thing you decide on. Get this step wrong, and you are going to hate your RV.

First and foremost, N/S or E/W? What do I mean by that? This is the orientation of the bed in relation to the RV. A N/S bed runs Front to rear of the RV, while E/W runs side to side.

Now when you are young the bed orientation may not matter to you, but with a E/W bed, someone is always in the back and has to crawl over the other person if they need to use the biffy at night. My wife and I aren't spring chickens anymore, and it's like a bad comedy act crawling over each other in the pitch black of night. I've also seen many videos and discussions come up on how to switch a E/W bed configuration to N/S. Think this one through very, very carefully. It will be the most important choice you can make in your RV.

After that, the selection process for your bed gets easier. Most RV's don't have a separation between your bed and the rest of the coach. Some will have a curtain, others a wall and some form of door. Is it important to you to be able to split your RV into a living area and a sleeping area? Do you have kids you want to keep out? Don't want anyone seeing your messy bed or using it as a couch if you have visitors? Or do you want to have the openness of the entire RV?

As with all things RV, it's your choice. You have to be happy with your RV, but give your bed the most attention first. After all you spend close to 50% of your life in one.

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