So it starts!

Rv'ing and camping, can anything be much better? Getting out of the city and enjoying the peace, quiet and fresh air. Sitting around a campfire with marshmallows is where you get your headspace right.

Since I was born, my family always went on rv'ing holidays. From our first super leaky canvas tent trailer, to our first travel trailer and beyond, memories were being made. I've travelled throughout most of the US and Canada, always staying in a trailer. Some of my best memories were of my Father waking my brother and I up at the most ridiculous of hours, just so we could get a jump on traffic. All holidays started in the dark, but when I would wake up, we would already be somewhere new and exciting.

Seattle through Mexico, Vancouver through Toronto, and so many other points in between. Travelling by road is by far the best way to truly see our country and all of the hidden gems that you will never find when flying over them. The California Red Woods, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue ox, Ice caves in K country, the magical miners hut where water runs uphill, the crystal clear, teal colored lakes, and so so much more. I've been asked many times why I never fly to Mexico in the winter. It's simple really, for myself, laying on a beach sweating like crazy is not fun. Getting away to the mountains and spending my days fly fishing free running streams and rivers and a campfire under the stars at night, now that is an amazing time.

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